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How High Power Laser Therapy Works

how high power laser therapy works High Powered Laser therapy is a medical procedure that uses highly focused energy to treat pain and inflammation. Medical outcomes come from the ability to “bio-stimulate“ tissue growth and repair. Many times, when dealing with conditions involving your body from the low back to feet, they are gait and biomechanically related. To ensure success when using High Powered Laser Therapy, the first step is to put the patient’s body in an optimal environment for tissue healing to achieve.

Going to the practicing physician using High Powered Laser Therapy and getting the right diagnosis is essential to the Laser Treatment Protocol. How many watts to be used, how many treatments and how long are just a few things your doctor will inform you of. Remember, this is a therapy, not a surgery, and frequent trips to your doctor will be something you will have to commit to while receiving this therapy. Now that the body is in a position to receive High Powered Laser Treatments, the best possible results can be achieved.

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