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How do Laser Therapy Treatments Feel?drugree treatments with high power laser therapy

Although this laser is the most powerful Therapeutic Laser in the world, it is also very safe—and is completely drug-free.  No drugs, no surgery, and no side-effects at all.   Actually, our patients describe the treatments as comfortable and soothing.If we could describe the feeling of healing, we would say this is as close as it gets.  A drug-free, pain free life, is a real possibility.  High power laser therapy is a realistic option, with proven results.  Just watch our patient testimonials.

The Laser treatments received by a patient from a practicing physician are constructed around the patient’s condition, to receive the best possible results. In some cases the treatments only require for the patient to attend 5-8 treatments, but depending on the severity of the condition the treatments can extend up to 15, with maintenance treatments. While receiving the laser treatments, a patient can expect to relaxed with only a deep warming and pain relief sensation are felt during the treatment.

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