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pain killersAvicenna High Power Laser Therapy gives you the ability to stop taking those addictive pain killers.  How many more days are you going to let go by in the numbing haze that only masks your chronic pain.  While we can not guarantee that we will stop your pain, 80% of our patients have said that they have either been cured of their painful conditions, or in the least, experienced very dramatic decreases in their pain. 

Technology is now on our side.  We have learned how to harness the power of laser light and provide you with a pain management solution that requires no drugs, no surgery, and does not hurt.  Don't waste your life with the downward spiral of pain killers.  These drugs often times create other problems, turn you into another person, and can even kill you.  So you tell us, what do you have to lose by exploring the most revolutionary advancement in pain management.  Call us today at 1-888-AVI-LASER.

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We also help take the pain out of making the investment in the technologies that will take your practice to the next level, while increasing patient outcomes. Ask about our lease financing programs.

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