Real Life Stories

Real Life Patient Stories

Jim C:

After slipping a disc as a result of a golfing injury and seeking conventional therapy with chiropractors, osteopaths and sports medicine doctors, I still had no relief from the pain I was experiencing. My next visit was to a back surgeon and you know what he wanted to do---I wasn’t even in his office for more than 5 minutes and he wanted to schedule me for surgery. I had nowhere to turn until a friend of mine recommended Dr. Costello. Dr. Costello was the first physician I saw who actually gave me a complete physical exam. After only a few treatments I started to experience the pain relief I had been seeking for weeks, all without drugs, surgery or dangerous pills. If Dr. Costello can do it for me, he can do it for you.

Jim Palmer: Hall of Fame Baseball Pitcher

For someone that enjoys golfing, biking, tennis, weight lifting and even gardening that just turned 61 it was great to find a modality that met my needs. Not only does the laser help me remain active it has improved my quality of life. After a baseball career of over 20 years and being very athletic during the off season and even after retirement, the hands of time begin to catch up to you. Wrist pain, knee pain and even back pain where just a few of the many aches and pains I had been experiencing. A place like Avicenna was just what I needed. The laser is pain free and in just a few treatments you get the pain relief you need.

Michelle O:

I had been experiencing back pain issues my entire life and have been in and out of different chiropractors and doctors offices without any success. Last summer I hurt my back scuba diving and while I was in a physical therapy I heard a commercial for Dr. Costello and the Avicenna Laser Therapy Center of the Palm Beaches. He was the very first doctor to actually measure my legs and check my gait. After building custom orthotics for my feet and having couple of months of laser treatments, I have no more pain, no more numbness radiating down my leg and I’ve been healed.

Mike H:

I had been suffering with pain due to neuropathy for more than 2 years. I tried a variety of medications and procedures from different doctors, but the pain continued and I could not walk without the use of a cane to get around. One day a neighbor of mine told me about the amazing progress he was making with a new FDA cleared laser treatment from Avicenna. After just a few treatments I was able to walk without a cane. When the treatment regime was finished I was totally free of symptoms. I was completely amazed at the results and went on to recommend it to many of my friends and residents in my development who also were suffering from neuropathy.

Talia D:

I work as a pastry chef and for years I always had numbness and pain in my right hand. It was extremely difficult to do the ordinary every day functions such as brushing my hair, eating, and to do my work without pain. After hearing about the Avicenna Laser Therapy Center of Excellence on a radio ad I decided to give it a try. Dr. Costello did a comprehensive examination of my condition and after diagnosing me with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome he began to treat me with the laser. After only three weeks the pain and numbness were gone. What I liked most was the treatments were pain free and I was did not have to take any dangerous drugs to manage my pain. It was a great feeling.

Peter Carley: PGA Golf Professional

I had been suffering from a debilitating neck and shoulder injury that kept me on pain meds and off the golf course. I had been undergoing therapy for approximately 2 years to no avail. One day Dr. Coren founder of the company overheard me discussing my problem and recommended that I visit the Avicenna Laser Therapy Center of Excellence and consult with Dr. Costello. Dr. Costello made the correct diagnosis and began treating me with high power laser therapy. Within two treatments I started to feel better. The pain relief I felt was immeasurable. After 8 treatments I was able to swing a golf club for the first time in years. I expected to be in a lot of pain but that wasn’t the case. By the 10th treatment I was pain free and playing 18 holes again. I am now back on the local seniors tour and playing at the competitive level I was at before the injury.

Richard M:

I was diagnosed with severe arthritis of my left hip and I was told by my orthopedic physician that a hip replacement was my only option. The pain was unbearable and not even the strongest medications helped. The pain not only interfered with walking but it also woke me up at night. Within 15 minutes of the first treatment, the pain subsided dramatically. After twenty minutes, the treatment was over and I left the room feeling a great deal relieved. By the fourth visit, I was pleased to discover the pain relief lasted throughout the entire weekend into Monday.

William J.

I was suffering from a severe case of tennis elbow that was extremely painful and unresponsive to rest, ice and medication The severity was such that I started playing tennis with my left arm. Five laser treatments were administered over a period of fourteen days. After the first laser treatment there was an immediate and noteworthy reduction in pain accompanied by a moderate gain in functional ability. Thanks to the laser treatments, I was able to play high level tennis again with no pain whatsoever. Whenever I experience musculoskeletal pain I always go back to the laser.

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