Side Effects

Side Effects of High Power Laser Therapy

side effects laser therapy

Simply said...there are no side effects!  Well, there is one.  Pain stops.

Drugs can cause other health problems and health conditions, cause depression, and even death.  Surgeries aren't that much different.  And those are still the accepted standards.  We won't get into reasons and opinions.  We just want to give you the facts.  High power laser therapy is not addictive, has no affect on your personality and psychological well-being, cannot kill you, does not hurt, and all the other maladies associated with the norm and accepted standards of pain management protocols.

The future is becoming our experience.  And it is now time for you to explore the newest standard in pain management, that actually stops your pain without creating complications.  80% of our patients will tell you it worked for them.  Will 80% of pain pill users tell you the same?  Will 80% of back surgery patients tell you that?  After they see us they, will. 

What are you going to say?  Call 1-888-AVI-LASER today.

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