Infrared Laser for Pain

Avicenna’s 12W Class IV Laser

The Infrared Laser for Pain

class IV laser therapy equipment

The Avicenna AVI HPLL-12W Class IV High Power Laser is the benchmark that all other infrared lasers for pain are compared to. Avicenna is proud to be the pioneer in the field of Class IV laser therapy and the inventors of the first class IV therapeutic laser. The laser has the ability to deliver outcomes when all forms of traditional medicine, be it drug therapy, physical medicine or surgery have failed.

With real and continual results, the Avicenna laser not only out performs any other infrared laser for pain, it can eliminate the need for pain pills (pain killers), surgery and injections by delivering pain free results with absolutely no side-effects. The Class IV Laser classifications simply mean that the laser produces greater then 500 Milli-watts. The AVI HPLL-12 Class IV High Power Laser is the worlds most powerful continuous therapeutic laser.

Welcome to the future of Pain Management.Welcome to Avicenna High Power Laser Therapy.

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