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At the Avicenna Laser Therapy Center of Excellence we take great pride in the concierge level atmosphere we offer our patients. We are the new era  for Palm Beach Pain Management.  When you visit our clinic you will be treated like you are entering a 5-star hotel. We are always available to answer your questions by telephone or email. Please allow us sufficient time to get back to you as we may be overwhelmed by patient inquires.

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High Power Laser Therapy (HPLT) offers patients a painless, non-surgical and side effect free treatment for conditions previously refractive to traditional medical care. Conditions such as peripheral neuropathy, head, neck and back pain (stenosis, disc herniations and sciatica), arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, foot and heel pain, ligament and tendon injuries, muscle bruising, and even non-healing wounds, to name a few, all respond well to HPLT. HPLT also accelerates wound healing and is an excellent adjunct to accelerating healing post surgically as it can significantly reduce recovery time over traditional therapies available today. Patients who have undergone joint replacement can cut the rehab process by as much as 50% and more. Their pain and discomfort will quickly be controlled and the need for dangerous narcotics can be eliminated within a few treatments.

The mechanism of action for laser therapy comes from its ability at the cellular level to "bio-stimulate" tissue growth and repair. This results in accelerated wound healing as well as a dramatic decrease in pain, inflammation, and scar tissue formation. Unlike all other treatment modalities, laser therapy actually "heals" tissue as well as providing a powerful non-addictive form of pain management. Avicenna’s superior results come from its ability to deliver healing laser energy to the target tissues at any depths. Simply put when it comes to traditional neuromusculoskeletal medicine or wound care the Avicenna Laser can outperform anything in medicine, safely and without the potential for side-effects. 

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