Localized warming of tissue provides reassuring evidence that laser energy is penetrating deeply. Avicenna Laser Technology has conducted four years of clinical trials within the human and veterinary markets and has demonstrated high-power laser therapy to be a completely safe therapeutic modality (0 adverse events) with diagnostically demonstrating positive therapeutic outcomes, utilizing today's "gold-standard" outcome assessments for functional restoration and pain.

There is a great amount of confusion in the field of therapeutic laser technology. Prior to Avicenna’s FDA clearance for the manufacturing of a Class IV therapeutic laser modality, all Class IV lasers were used for surgery. Therefore, all published “Precautions” and “Warnings” refer specifically to surgical lasers.


Do not apply infrared light to abdominal or lumbosacral points in pregnant females. (Laser is contra-indicated for use over the pregnant uterus. It may be used on the pregnant woman as an adjunct to the other modalities being used for the treatment of back pain or other complaints.);

Do not apply infrared light to the epiphyseal lines in children;

Do not apply infrared light to the thorax or over the pacemaker itself in patients with pacemakers;

Do not apply infrared light over the thyroid gland, ovaries and testicles;

Do not apply infrared light to patients who are taking drugs that have heat or light sensitive contraindications, such as, but not limited to certain types of steroids;

Do not apply infrared light over areas recently injected with corticosteroids;

Do not apply infrared light when individual intolerance of the treatment is noted;

Do not shine laser light into eyes, with or without eyewear protection (Class 3b and Class 4 lasers are potentially harmful to the retina. Safety goggles must, be worn by the patient, practitioner, any individuals in the treatment area);

Carcinoma - Do not use laser over any known primary or secondary lesions. (Laser treatment may be given for pain relief during the terminal stages of the illness - we recommend this be done only with the full consent of both patient and primary medical physician (oncologist) involved);

Hemorrhage - It is conceivable that laser-mediated vasodilation may worsen the hemorrhage;

Immuno-suppressant Drugs - Laser Therapy may increase the function of the immune system;

Treatment Over Sympathetic Ganglia, The Vagus Nerves & Cardiac Region In Patients With Heart Disease - Laser therapy may significantly alter neural function, and is therefore contra-indicated over these regions in patients with heart disease.


Many products, including prescribed medications, over-the-counter patient medicines, and a wide range of personal care products can increase the skin's sensitivity to light. This can result in photosensitivity, an intense reaction of the skin which can cause burning (or erythema) in a much shorter time period than would normally be expected. Photosensitivity can be caused by products applied directly to the skin or from medications or other substances that have been ingested. Because there are literally hundreds of known photosensitizing agents under these general categories, individuals taking any medications or using any of the other products not mentioned should be advised to consult a physician before receiving laser therapy.

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