Patient Treatment Finacing

Patient Treatment Financing

Third Party Patient Financing Makes It Easy For Patients To Take Advantage of a Physician's Services

Not all patients insurance plans are created equal. And, many of those who need treatment the most, don’t have health insurance coverage.

Offering a financial solution can help more prospective patients say “yes”, and schedule their treatment immediately. However, the costs and risks associated with offering credit through your practice can significantly impact profitability. That’s why third-party patient financing can be a powerful tool that benefits your practice in multiple ways, including:

Turning more consultations into treatments;
Improving cash flow and profitability;
Decreasing the business risk of offering credit

Additionally, patient financing can give your practice a significant competitive advantage over other practices.

Treatment Financing Options - HELPcard

Medical Economists estimate that utilizing a third-party payment plan can boost production by 25-50 percent. Approximately, 20% of patients decline or delay recommended treatment due to their financial situation, possibly representing tens of thousands of dollars a year in lost revenues and referrals. Another 20% discontinue care prematurely before their condition is fully resolved, secondary to financial issues. Studies have shown the average American only has about $300 of available credit on their consumer cards, and does not feel comfortable writing a check for more than $500 out of their monthly cash flow. Because of this, it is not the total cost of treatment that concerns the patient, but how they are going to pay for it, especially for those seeking higher-level procedures or treatment not covered in full by insurance.

Avicenna is pleased to recommend HELPcard. The best patient financing company in the country. Many of our doctors have been so successful using them; they have become “cash only” practices.

HELPcard patient financing has enhanced the profitability of tens of thousands of practices across the nation. The HELPcard is uniquely structured to extend credit to those patients with less than spotless credit. By reaching this untapped base of patients, you will have the opportunity to grow your practice.

Participation Fee Waived

Because of our national network of doctors, The HELPcard will extend several special savings. The HELPcard will waive their $10 monthly participation fee if you enroll within 60 days of your Avicenna laser purchase. Also, NO up-front enrollment fee is being charged to Avicenna referred offices.

Special Discount Financing

As an Avicenna Referred Provider, your office will receive special discount pricing for all qualified charges submitted. More of your patients will be able to say YES to your treatment recommendations thus increasing your profitability. Contact a HELPcard Account Manager at (800) 945-4357, ext. 316 to receive full details and a pricing schedule.

Act Now

Simply call to request an application or complete a Provider application agreement over the phone and HELPcard will do the rest. Should you have additional questions, please call a HELPcard Account Manager at (800) 945-4357, ext. 316.


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