Physician FAQs

Physician FAQs

Q: What is Avicenna’s medical competitive advantage from other
companies claiming to sell a Class IV laser?

A: Avicenna just does not manufacture and sell laser technology, we train physicians to become experts in the field of laser medicine. On-going training in advanced neuro-musculoskeletal procedures is provided to our clinicians on an on-going basis. Avicenna will even provide one-on-one training for those who cannot make our general meetings. Avicenna treatment protocols are proprietary to our technology and only available to Avicenna trained care providers. Clinical protocols are continuously evaluated and refined at our corporate clinics located in Florida.

Q: Does Avicenna provide continuing training, education and clinical support to my clinician staff following purchase?

A: Technical and clinical support is provided on an on-going basis in regional locations throughout the U.S. Our customer support is second to none -- we are a phone call away and reachable via Internet telemedicine video conferencing.

Q: As a medical practitioner, if I would like to integrate a laser pain management clinic into my existing practice, will Avicenna provide marketing support?

A: Yes, Avicenna offers a high-end marketing support package which includes an in-office flat screen TV, patient educational video, radio, TV, and newspaper advertising copy, as well as patient educational print and collateral materials. Avicenna test markets all of its advertising and marketing materials prior to releasing it to our users.

Q: Upon considering the laser's purchase price, does Avicenna provide a lease purchase option?

A: Avicenna has numerous leasing & financing options available for doctors interested in bringing this advanced technology into their practices, including deferred payment options. Please refer to Equipment Financing within this web site.

Q: I purchased a laser today, what is the delivery, “ship to” date to receive the laser in my office?

A: Once Avicenna receives payment or lease authorization, we will ship directly to your office on the next business day via FedEx. Many times physicians who are pre-approved may already have a laser in their office for a trial evaluation so the sale will be seamless from start to finish.

Q: Does Avicenna provide laser product operational and technical support, and will you assist me in the set up in my office?

A: Once you receive your laser, you will be guided through the initial set-up and clinical applications either via a field representative or over the telephone. Of course, this is also covered in the Avicenna physician training seminar(s) that you are invited to attend. Avicenna clinicians are always encouraged to call for technical and clinical support. Acquiring our laser is just the beginning of a long term and mutually rewarding relationship. Our goal is to see our clinicians exceed their expectations.

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