Product Overview

Product Overview

Avicenna Laser Technology’s AVI HPLL-12 and Avi-HP-7.5 Class IV Therapeutic Lasers

Avicenna’s Class IV lasers are not a “cold laser” or Low-Level Laser Therapy (LLLT) devices. They are high-power, therapeutic lasers with the ability to stimulate accelerated healing energy within a continuum of treatment depths from superficial to extremely deep. This enables the accelerated treatment of superficial injuries, sprains/strains, and deep intra-articular tissues (inside of joints) unreachable by any other physical therapy modality, or Class III “low-level“laser.

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Avicenna Laser Technology’s high power Class IV laser therapy modalities can deliver a significant amount of energy into tissue and articular structures within a short period of time -- up to 720 Joules per minute. Pure laser energy is applied with the laser operating in a continuous wave mode. A continuous infusion of laser energy guarantees the deepest penetration and bio-stimulation of deep tissues and articular structures compared to any other FDA cleared laser on the U.S. market without the worry of overheating tissue due to Avicenna's revolutionary patent pending divergent beam delivery system. Evidence-based research is revealing that serious disease and injury respond positively to high energy laser therapy treatment. Avicenna’s high power Class IV laser therapy devices are becoming the standard of care for those patients with neuromusculoskeletal pain and dysfunction who have failed to improve with comprehensive care, whether it be drugs, physical medicine or surgery.

Avicenna's Technology Competitive Advantage

The safe delivery of high amounts of laser energy, and the ability to penetrate deep enough to stimulate “target tissues”, is the prime factor in Avicenna’s success in the fields of Pain Management and Physical Rehabilitation. Avicenna’s Avi-HP-7.5 and AVI HPLL-12 Class IV Therapeutic Lasers generate 7500-12,000 mW of power within a 980nm treatment beam, making it the most powerful, deepest penetrating, therapeutic laser on the market today. Avicenna Laser Technology’s Medical Advisory Board has developed treatment protocols to exceed the recent therapeutic outcome expectations in today’s evidence-based healthcare environment.

Localized warming of tissue provides reassuring evidence that laser energy is penetrating deeply. Avicenna Laser Technology has conducted six years of clinical trials within the human and veterinary markets and has demonstrated high-power laser therapy to be a completely safe therapeutic modality (0 adverse events) with diagnostically demonstrable, positive, therapeutic outcomes, utilizing today's "gold-standard" outcome assessments for functional restoration and pain.

According to leading experts in the field of therapeutic laser medicine, “the trend in laser therapy for the past 10 years has been to increase power density and dose, since this has been shown to improve therapeutic outcomes considerably.” Avicenna’s therapeutic lasers are not referred to as low level, low intensity, cold, or soft lasers. Additionally, Avicenna’s patent pending, FDA cleared, high power continuous wave lasers do not irritate cells with sharp pulses, frequencies, or multiple wavelengths.

Avicenna's Class IV laser technology delivers 2,500 times more power over a treatment region, - that is over 250 times larger compared to the best selling U.S. Class III therapeutic laser. Additionally, the continuous wave delivery system penetrates this healing energy below the skin at 10 times the depth.

Operations Support and Product Installation

Avicenna Laser Technology will help establish your office as the treatment center of choice for pain management in your area. Avicenna Laser Therapy Centers of Excellence have now been operating successfully for 3 years in the U.S. More than 5,000 patients a day receive Avicenna’s Class IV, high power laser therapy in the U.S. Avicenna Laser Technology has developed technology that is producing consistent results (90% success rate) in hundreds of systems incorporated in private clinics, hospitals, and institutions. Our list of Avicenna Class IV laser therapy providers continues to grow rapidly. If you are a physician who routinely treats conditions associated with pain, then you should consider implementing Avicenna Class IV Laser Technology in your practice.

Class IV high power laser therapy is easy to integrate into your existing practice. Avicenna Laser Technology will install and calibrate your equipment onsite. The equipment will fit in any exam/treatment room. With our “state of the art” semi-conductor systems there is no regular maintenance required on the equipment.

The laser is manufactured in the U.S. The standard equipment warranty covers all parts and labor for a period of one-year.

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