HDLT – High Dose Laser Therapy and how it pertains to HPLT – High Power Laser Therapy and HILT – High Intensity Laser Therapy

Wednesday, May 18, 2016 Bruce Coren Comments (0)

When one reviews the history of the above terminologies, HPLT and HDLT can be traced back to Avicenna Laser Technology (HPLT) and Diowave Laser Systems (HDLT).

Avicenna was the first to introduce HPLT- High Power Laser Therapy and the first to get FDA clearance for a class IV high power laser in 2003. Avicenna revolutionized patient treatments for those who were failing traditional insurance-based therapies for pain management over 13 years ago. The term HILT is somewhat synonymous with HPLT however both can lead to a false sense of wellness if the proper dosage of laser energy measured in Joules is not delivered.

In 2012 Diowave Laser systems a division of Technological Medical Advancements, coined the terminology HDLT – High Dose Laser Therapy. HDLT pertains to the amount of energy delivered to a particular medical condition or pathology and it was Diowave who advocated that patients be treated with much higher dosages than the current industry standards. They found that for must musculoskeletal conditions higher dosage equated to better and faster outcomes. Dosage is a function of power output and time. Penetration is also a function of power and time. Together, higher power and longer treatment times lead to deeper penetration and higher dosages of healing laser therapy energy. Regardless of how powerful a laser is (HPLT_HDLT), without treating for the proper time, the proper dosage for rapid healing cannot be achieved. Thus at the end of the day the key to better results-outcomes is dosage.

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