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National Institute of Advanced Laser Therapy Training


Discover How High Power Laser Therapy(HPLT) is Increasing Medical and Financial Outcomes in Today’s World of Declining Insurance Reimbursements. Learn how to break away from the addiction to insurance based medicine by offering your patients outcomes never before seen in traditional pain care.


  • Laser Biology, Physics and Market Potential
    – Bruce R. Coren, DVM, MS, Cofounder, Chairman and CEO
  • Clinical Applications of HPLT
    - Scott Davis, MD, FASAM, Chief Medical Officer
    – Bruce R. Coren, DVM, MS, Cofounder, CEO
  • Hands on Laser Session
    – Led by Dr. Davis and Dr. Coren

The Diowave Laser Therapy Institute offers an introduction to laser therapy by experts in the field of High Power and High Dose Laser Therapy, HPLT-HDLT. By attending this event you will also be able to learn first hand how to increase both clinical and financial outcomes by implementing our technology into your practices.

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