Safety Goggles


Class IV Therapy Lasers emit both visible and invisible radiation. Protective eyewear is necessary where irradiation of the eye is possible. Diowave Therapy Laser Systems require the strict use of specific Safety Goggles for the safe use and operations of each laser system.Not all Safety Goggles are the same. The protective eyewear that came with your laser is manufactured specifically for the wavelengths emitted by the laser. Do not use protective eyewear from other manufacturers as they may not provide the appropriate level of protection.

Specification Sheet Download

pdf downloadLaser Safety Goggles Specification Sheet Download

Required Users
  • Administrator of the laser treatment
  • Patient
  • Any other individuals in the room
Technical Specifications For Proper Usage
  • Wavelength Specific
  • Blocks 980nm (and also 810nm)
  • Meets ANSI Safety Standards
Two Models are available:

Item Model: Sport (Standard) (DG1)
Item Model: Over Glasses (DG2)

Sport (DG1)


Over Glasses (DG2)


Using Safety Goggles correctly

Laser safety glasses are vital for eye protection in the presence of laser radiation. Since accidental laser radiation exposure can cause irreversible damage to the human eye, protective measures must not be taken lightly.

Ensure that the eyewear has appropriate optical density for the wavelength of operation.

Remove all reflective objects (such as rings, metal watchbands, and jewelry) prior to treatment with the laser. Indirect or direct eye contact with the laser beam or with scattered laser light from any reflective surfaces will cause serious damage, irreparable corneal and/or retinal damage, and possible blindness to one or both eyes

Do not allow any reflective object to fall into, or obstruct the path of the laser beam

Always wear protective eyewear. Any person present during the laser operation must wear protective eyewear.

Never look directly into the end of any therapy hand piece

Never direct the laser light directly into the eyes, or direct the laser beam at anything other than the area to be treated with or without the correct Safety Goggles

Do not remove the Safety Goggles until the administrator of the laser has turned off the laser or notified the patient that it is safe to remove them

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