Laser Therapy Device Handpieces



Diowave's laser therapy devices utilize an Advanced Therapy Handpiece (ATH) designed to provide maximum therapeutic treatment and outcomes.

Models Available

Item: Standard Therapy Hand Piece (DHP)
Item: Zoom Therapy Hand Piece (DHPZ1)

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Construction Materials

Each Diowave Therapy Handpiece is made of solid metal consisting of aluminum and silver.

Technical Specifications
Feature: Finger – Switch (On-Off)

Each Diowave Therapy Handpiece is equipped with a Finger –Switch. This feature adds versatility and efficiency by providing a quick and safe method to turn the beam off and on. In contrast to a Foot Pedal Beam Regulator, safety benefits are provided to the administrator of the laser device, as they are not required to move back and forth between the laser control panel for every necessary change. Additionally, there is no wire or tripping hazards that can also occur, and any risk to the patient from over-exposure to the laser beam is removed.

Method of Operation

Two – Tap Mode. The laser beam is turned on with one tap, and turned off with another tap.

Feature: Spacer Attachment

Each Diowave Therapy Handpiece is equipped with a Spacer Attachment at one end. This spacer allows for a separation of 2.5” from the aperture of the emitted light beam to the surface of the skin. The Spacer Attachment is removable and can be removed for additional treatment options.

Feature: Zoom (available only on the DHPZ1 Zoom Therapy Hand Piece Model)

The Zoom Hand Piece provides additional treatment options through adjusting the spot diameter from 10mm – 30mm.
This cannot be achieved with a fixed spot-size therapy handpiece, because as you come away from the surface, the spot size will necessarily increase, thereby necessarily decreasing the power.

Method of Operation:
  1. Turn the zoom attachment on the barrel of the therapy handpiece in a clockwise direction to the desired setting.
  2. The diameter settings are: 10mm; 15mm; 20mm; 25mm; 30mm.
  3. Each setting will make a click sound, as it locks into that specific setting.
  4. To go back to the standard (original) setting, turn the zoom attachment in a counter-clockwise direction.
Using the Therapy Handpieces Correctly

It is very important to use the Therapy Hand piece correctly to ensure positive clinical outcomes. Improper use will result in a diminished treatment or a treatment with no results.

General Treatment Guidelines
  1. Follow all Safety guidelines
  2. Treatment must be administered directly to exposed skin.
  3. Do not treat through clothing or bandages.
  4. Patients should feel soothing warmth during the treatment.
  5. Patient feedback is important to avoid any discomfort or pain. Ask the patient to always report any discomfort or pain (“feels too warm or hot”) immediately during the laser therapy treatment.
Treatment Method Two Options
  1. Non – contact Method: the Handpiece or Probe is held ½” away from the skin
  2. Contact Method: the Handpiece or Probe is held directly on the skin
Position of the Handpiece or Probe
  1. Position the handpiece perpendicular to the skin
  2. Do not angle the handpiece to the skin, but follow the contour of the body and skin treatment area
Using the Handpiece

The area to be treated should be performed in a “painting” manner, with a constant slow movement of approximately 1 – 2 inches per second.
50% of the treatment should be delivered along a vertical plane and 50% in a horizontal plane.

Size of Treatment Area
  1. A single treatment area is the size of the palm of your hand.

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