Laser Therapy Option to the Opioid Epidemic

Medical Doctors Addressing the Opioid Epidemic with Laser Therapy

Is your practice evaluating new pain management patient treatment options to reduce distribution of opioids?

The management of acute and chronic pain and inflammation is one of the most commonly encountered in medical practice. Current treatment modalities, most often utilize pharmaceuticals with the potential for side effects, dependence and abuse. Most practitioners and hospitals, as well as patients continue to seek safer alternatives. Opioid based modalities for pain control have increased rapidly and now pose a true public health concern. Healthcare providers must become familiar with alternative treatments for chronic pain patients. Many hospitals have added patient pain management treatment choices and implementing programs to reduce opioid distribution. Scripps Launches Program to Reduce Use of Opioids: (

Non-opiate and or non-pharmacologic treatment modalities are being extensively studied with the hope that opioid usage can be reduced in this population. Newer therapies including High Power-High Dose Laser Therapy (HDLT), a non-invasive treatment, attempts to affect cells and physical symptoms often related to inflammation. To schedule a Diowave Laser product demonstration, please contact:

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