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If I could choose only one modality to take from my office and use for the rest of my life it would be the Diowave Laser. Of course there are many lasers on the market and they all produce light, so what is the difference? Well, in my opinion it is all about strength. While all lasers will produce light energy, most are not powerful enough to penetrate deeply into the body structures that need to be treated. The Diowave 30 watt laser is simply the most powerful and effective laser to provide sufficient dosage to get real clinical results.

Name: Stephen Stokes,B.Sc, DC, FIAMA, CFo
Phone: (239) 275-7575
Dr. Stokes been in clinical practice since 2001. He is a Fellow ofthe International Academy of Medical Acupuncture (FIAMA),and holds a Certified Orthotic Fitters License (CFo) from TheAmerican Board for Certification in Orthotics, Prosthetics &Pedorthics. In addition, Dr. Stokes has achieved post graduate training in Functional Neurology, Vertebral Axial Decompression(VAX-D), Neurotransmitter Health and ReproductiveEndocrinology. Dr. Stokes is currently conducting research andcollecting case studies on the regeneration of spinal disc tissue using his high powered laser decompression protocol.


Name: Michael Kellis, DO, Bryan Kuch, PT, MS
Phone: (440) 285-4999

As a board certified physician in family and sports medicine and a physical therapist, we use the Diowave Laser to help our athletes recover from injury at a significantly faster rate. Athletic injuries are healing almost 50% faster than with traditional therapy. We are very pleased with our 60-watt laser. We also find it just as helpful in our general patient population as it is clearly superior to the modalities currently available in our traditional physical therapy model. 


My quest for better patient care led me to add cold laser therapy to my practice in 2001, but wasdisappointed with the poor clinical results. In 2004, I became the first physician to purchase anAvicenna 7.5 watt laser which had just received the first FDA510K marketing clearance for aClass IV non-surgical therapy laser. Immediately I saw the clinical results I was seeking. When theDiowave Laser System was launched in 2012, I purchased one and discovered that I could take mypractice and patients to a higher level with faster treatments and better clinical results, even withdifficult or challenging conditions.

Name: Kevin Khalili, D.C.
Phone: 805-884-0030
Kevin Khalili, D.C. is the clinical director of the Laser Rehab Institute located in Santa Barbara, California. He is a Certified Fellow of ChiropracticBiophysics™, the author of Super Human Yoga & Pilates and has been practicing preventative sports medicine for over 20 years.

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