Contraindications Laser Therapy

Contraindication for laser therapy treatment is based upon prudence more than hard experimental or clinical data. The following contraindications are presented as precautionary for safe and effective treatment and care:

Carcinomas Melanomas, Sarcoids, or any other irregular or abnormal cellular growth

Do not use laser over any known primary or secondary lesions.


Do not apply laser light to any area that has recently been injected with corticosteroids

Direct Irradiation of the Eyes

Laser energy is harmful to the eye never shine laser light into the eyes at any time, even while wearing safety goggles


When applying laser light to epiphysitis, use a low dose initially and use only those treatments necessary to reduce swelling


Do not apply laser light to any lesion that is actively hemorrhaging

Photosensitive Medications

Do not apply laser light to any animal that is currently receiving photosensitive medications


Laser therapy is contraindicated for use over the pregnant uterus; do not apply laser therapy to a pregnant mare.

Sympathetic Ganglia, the Vagus Nerves & Cardiac Region in Horses with Heart Disease

Laser therapy may significantly alter neural function, and is therefore contraindicated over these regions in horses with heart disease.


Do not apply laser light to the testicles of the stallion

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