Equine Laser Therapy

Equine Laser Therapy offers effective multiple treatment applications and results for the equine athlete. A Therapy Laser provides a higher degree of treatment outcome in less time and effort than other devices on the market. Some of the direct benefits include:

  • Reduces recovery time from injury and illness
  • Does not mask symptoms but corrects muscle-related problems by directly treating them
  • Enhances performance without medication and inherent side-effects
  • Alleviates pain and soreness from strenuous training
  • Reduces stress levels in the horse, both physical and psychological
  • Improves concentration and enhances learning ability
  • Improves respiratory, digestive, immune, and neural systems
  • Increases venal and lymphatic circulation
  • Prevents additional injury
Conditions treated successfully include:
Soft Tissue Injuries

Bowed Tendons
Bucked Shins
Capped Hocks
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
Exertional Rhabdomyolysis
Hydroma of the elbow
Inferior Check Ligament Desmitis
Superior Check Ligament Strain
Suspensory Disorders
Tarsal Plantar Desmitis (Curb)
Wound Healing

Joint Related Injuries

Bone Spavin
Stifle Disorders
Trochanteric Bursitis

Neck, Back and Vertebral Column

Cervical Musculature
Hunter’s Bumps
Subluxations of the Sacroiliac Joint
Thoracolumbar Musculature


Navicular Syndrome

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